About Us


We are one church with fifteen congregations in Metro Manila. We also have over sixty churches across the Philippines. Victory was planted in 1984 at the heart of Manila’s University Belt.


At Victory, honoring God is the starting point and finish line of everything we do. We believe a life that honors Him is a life led according to His Word and in an attitude of complete surrender and obedience to Jesus Christ. For us, it is not about striving for perfection, but about living lives of:

  • Lordship – Because Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords, we believe that wholehearted submission to God’s will and His Word is the starting point and the foundation of spiritual growth.
  • Evangelism – Because “God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16), we are passionate about preaching the gospel and doing ministry in a way that engages people outside of the Christian faith.
  • Discipleship – Because we are called to make disciples, our primary focus is establishing biblical foundations, equipping believers to minister, and empowering disciples to make disciples.
  • Leadership – Because we are called to establish churches in every nation, we are committed to leadership development. We are intentionally multi-generational and we deliberately create opportunities and platforms for next generation leaders.
  • Family – Because family is the foundation and validation of ministry, we refuse to sacrifice our marriages and our children on the altars of temporal ministry success. And because God has called us to be a church family, we embrace community and reject the concept of disposable relationships.

These five steps will get you off to the right START as you follow Christ:

  • Stop trusting in yourself and your own good works, and start trusting in Christ alone for salvation.
  • Turn away from everything the Bible calls sin.
  • Attend a small group for personal discipleship and weekly worship services.
  • Read and obey your Bible everyday.
  • Tell others about your new relationship with Christ.

Our services in Victory typically last for an hour and a half, with English as the primary language for communicating. Several of our Victory centers also hold Taglish services; please visit our directory to find the location nearest you, and to see the schedule of English and Taglish services.

No, feel free to come as you are.

You’re free to bring anyone to Victory!

Ideally, you can join us at the Victory location nearest you. To know more about our locations and services, please visit our directory.


A disciple is someone who:

  • Follows Jesus
  • Fishes for people
  • Fellowships with other believers

These values lead to our discipleship process:

  • Engage culture and community
  • Establish biblical foundations
  • Equip believers to minister
  • Empower disciples to make disciples

At Victory, we believe that discipleship is best done in a group context. The primary way to make disciples in Victory is through Victory groups.

Victory group is where we engage, establish, equip, and empower others. A Victory group meeting lasts from sixty to ninety minutes weekly. Its members help one another follow Jesus, fish for people, and fellowship with other believers.

You can join a Victory group by asking the person who invited you, approaching an usher after the service, or talking to any one of our pastors and admin staff.

Our Downloads section includes free podcasts and Victory group materials that we hope will help you honor God and make disciples. Please feel free to share these with your family and friends!


You can be part of any of our volunteer ministries in Victory listed below:

  • Administrative Support – We handle the registration of event participants, provide information, and assist in data gathering and information management.
  • Communications – We provide creative input through photography, video production, graphic layout, and promotional concepts and ideas.
  • Creative Support – We add a creative touch to every event with carefully-crafted set designs and props that visually enrich the delivery of God’s Word.
  • KIDS – We train and equip the next generation of leaders.
  • Music – We lead the people into the presence of God through praise and worship.
  • Technical and Production – We work behind the scenes to ensure the smooth program flow and provide the necessary audio-visual support to enhance the worship service experience.
  • Ushering – We maintain order, help people find seats, and distribute materials needed for weekend gatherings and special events.

We hold an annual volunteer recruitment week in all our Victory locations nationwide. However, you are still free anytime to join any of our ministries and share your God-given talents with our church. All our volunteers need to be part of a Victory group before they can participate in volunteering.

We offer the following pastoral services to our church community:

  • Weddings
  • Child dedications
  • Funeral services
  • Counseling

Please note that all of our services are free of charge. If you would like to know how you can participate in any of our pastoral services, please contact your local church administrator.

We place a premium on the next generation. We believe in training and equipping them to make a lasting impact in the nation and the world.

Victory holds youth services for high school and college students every Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, depending on which Victory location you attend. Every Nation Campus, our campus arm, also holds Victory groups in both our Victory locations, and in campuses all over the Philippines.

kidsWe also hold KIDS Church services happening simultaneously with our weekend worship services. Our KIDS Church services are divided into different age groups, so as to cater to the needs of every child.

The Real LIFE Foundation is our ministry for reaching and discipling the poor. It is passionate about providing a better future for underprivileged Filipinos by giving them access to a good education and transforming their communities through community service.

Real LIFE Foundation offers scholarships for poor but deserving high school and university students. It also integrates character development, equipping these men and women with skills for LIFE (leadership, integrity, faith, and excellence).

Every Saturday morning, Real LIFE also conducts community service activities through a feeding program. More than 150 malnourished children from ages 3-14 at the Real LIFE center in Pasig.

If you would like to know more about Real LIFE, please visit igivetolife.com or call (632) 940-9093.