Teens’ Special Gift To Their Moms On Mother’s Day

A dinner date, a bouquet of flowers, a customized cake and all sorts of Mother’s Day gimmicks: you might have found these on your Facebook’s news feed on Sunday, May 14th as gift ideas of everyone to their mothers. Yet, this group of six teenagers had given what their moms might consider the “best gift” on Mother’s Day.

Teen’s Names from Left to Right: Josef David Santos, Jericho Andrei Salud, Cyrence Joseph Antonio, Paul Jonathan Poe, David Gabriel Poe and Joshua Raymond Ortencio. Mother’s Names from Left to Right: Iwi Santos, Joanne Salud, Grace Corpuz Antonio, Mary Grace Salazar Poe.

The picture above was taken at Victoria’s Place Club House a few minutes before these young men had been water baptized. Yes, you have read it right. Josef, Jericho, Cyrence, Paul, David, and Joshua publicly declared and surrendered their life to Christ on the second day of Victory Weekend which happened to be Mother’s Day.

“This made our day extra special”, says Mommy Iwi Santos, mother of Josef David Santos. You know you are doing it right when you see your kid growing up having a personal relationship with God. But who are these kids before they learned about Christ? What are they up to before they became fond of going to church?

“After the 9am service, wala na silang ginagawa. Naglalaro sila ng basketball sa court ng STI and they would play games on their mobile phones. Paikut-ikot lang sila sa lobby while waiting matapos ang mga mommies nila na mag-Victory Group”, Christian Joseph Briñes shared. “Teacher Nice and Teacher Kevin of the Kids Admin encouraged me to lead the kids and start a Victory Group”, he added— this is how CJ became the Victory Group leader of these teenagers.

Every after 9am service, CJ would meet them for Victory Group. “They are young but they are serious about their faith. Like many of us, they started their discipleship journey through One2One. We asked the parents regarding Victory Weekend and they are supportive about it. It so happened that it is also Mother’s Day. I saw how emotional their parents were while watching their sons publicly declare their faith. I was emotional also when I saw their mommies praying for them before they were water baptized.”, CJ shared. These young men are now playing their part as new disciples of Christ. From a group of six, CJ is now leading 20 young men with the help of these teenagers.


Paul mentioned in his letter to Timothy that being acquainted with the sacred writings in our childhood will be able to make us wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. (2 Timothy 3:15). When Paul met Timothy in Acts 16:1, he was already ready to join them in the ministry as he was raised as a young boy learning about the Old Testament.

Parents, your children are your first flocks whom God made for you to oversee. Raising up kids may seem challenging but letting them grow up in a church community might lift up the heavy load of your parenting.


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