‘Victory Groups are Baduy’ and Other Misconceptions

Patrick Acuin didn’t like Victory groups very much. And yet today, he is one of our fruitful victory group leaders in Victory Caloocan. We asked him what changed his mind and here he shares his story with us.

“I was at home scrolling through my news feed, half-heartedly contemplating whether I would go to church or not. It was Volunteer Weekend in Caloocan and I learned they would be asking people to sign up. One particular ministry caught my attention: the Communications Ministry. Call me selfish but I figured I’d join so I could sharpen my photography skills. I attended church that day.

“After signing up, the interviewer told me that discipleship was a requirement. The guy was part of the Photography team so he asked me to join his Victory Group. I declined. I’ve always thought it’s baduy for guys to sit around in circles talking about their lives. He got my number and I left with no intention of coming back. That night, he texted me and asked if I had some prayer requests. I didn’t reply.”

Patrick went back the next Sunday in spite of what happened. While waiting for the service to start, the same photographer guy came up to him to say hello. “I was hoping he wouldn’t mention victory group again,” Patrick said. “I was wrong. After the casual hello, he asked me point blank, ‘May victory group ka na ba?’ I wanted to go to the nearest restroom to hide but he began talking about Jesus and before I knew it, I was hooked. I listened to every word he said and found myself being blown away.”

Because of the photographer’s persistence, Patrick ended up joining the Victory group that day. “It was there that I came to know Jesus and my life has never been the same ever since. After my initial discomfort, I found myself sharing my stories and praying with the guys in the group. I thought to myself, ‘Naging baduy na din ako, but I like it!’ In Victory group, I realized the power of having people who will pray with you as you grow in your walk with Christ.”

Patrick is currently leading his own victory group and is trying to reach young men with the gospel of Christ. He also serves as team leader for volunteer photographers of Victory Caloocan.

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