Why Looking at the Night Sky is the Cure to Our Pride

Jojo Agot on Knowing God:

I recommend that every Christian should look at the night sky, or climb some mountain, or go on nature trips, or at least look down from a high spot once in a while to get to feel at least three things: the utter smallness of man, the bigness of the world, and the incredible bigness of the Creator who made this big world. Why? Because we all have the tendency to overestimate ourselves. All of us have bloated egos that need resizing. Seeing glory is a very good cure to this.

We need a visual reminder that we are not the center of the universe, that we are small compared to the vast expanse of the heavens, that we really are just specks of dust in this vast ecosystem of galaxies floating around in space. We need to feel small in order to correct our bloated sense of entitlement. We need to feel small to diffuse our pride. We need to feel small so that we will understand grace…

See what happens when you look at the glory of God? It cures you of pride, it humbles you and exalts you at the same time. It reminds you of your place in the world without making you feel like you don’t matter. Seeing glory makes you realize that you are extremely small and yet you are extremely loved.

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